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Welcome to ViSona

Specially Formulated Personal Care Products for Complete Rejuvenation.






ViSona “Vision of Beauty” – just like our name implies, we specialize in developing personal care products that allows your customers to reveal their natural beauty with our finest ingredients. We are constantly adapting and advancing new personal care solutions to boost your product’s market performance and win the hearts and respect of your customers.


When it comes to developing ground-breaking products that will transform your brand into an industry leader, we’ve got you covered. Our Formulation Scientists work hand-in-hand with you throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure we’ve met your product goals, target market, and customer pain point while delivering sustainable solutions to your business.


We have your company’s best interest at heart and your success means a lot to us. This is why we do not have a minimum production order quantity. You can be rest assured that when you work with us, you’re working with the industry’s best to help you achieve your business goals


Our elite team of formulation scientists adopt flexible and collaborate approaches in developing top of the line liquid formulations for the following regulatory classes: Cosmetics, Over-The-Counters, Homeopathics, Dietary supplements, and Pet products. Thanks to our diverse market knowledge, proactive work ethic, and unwavering commitment to quality, we are able to formulate and develop your product in a timely and cost-effective manner. Let us show you!

Our Speciality



We make use of the finest ingredients and best industry practices in manufacturing your products. To ensure our products pass QC testing, we maintain good hygienic practices and follow cGMPs throughout the production process.


With constantly evolving customer needs and rising demand for quality products, we are fully committed to delivering formulas that will outperform your competitors and provide the results your business needs to thrive.


To formulate the best products for your brand, we use top of the line equipment with a modern and versatile approach to ensure our industry meets your business needs. We are constantly adapting and researching new equipment and best practices to give you an end product that is unrivaled.


Our experienced scientists are trained in product development, FDA regulatory compliance, and production scale up to meet your business and customer needs. We are in constant contact with suppliers carrying top of the line raw materials to ensure and we are always up to date on all new and innovating ingredients to meet current and future market trends.


Ranging from small start-ups to medium-sized businesses and well-known brands, we want to partner up with you! Whether it be developing new products or improving on existing formulas to meet the rapidly evolving market demand, we will help in any way we can. No matter how little the quantity of product you need to manufacture, we are ready to work with you to achieve your company’s dreams.

Some examples of our ideal clientele:

  • Personal care companies looking for product  development.

  • Personal care companies looking for small to large manufacturing and packaging runs.

  • Personal care companies looking for bulk fill.

  • Start-ups in need of product development and guidance.

  • Manufacturers who prefer to outsource their product development.

  • Manufacturers who are in need of an Interim Formulator.

  • Manufacturers who need to assess if a new product inquiry is compatible with their manufacturing equipment.

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